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One of the most frequently asked questions is; "Do you know the birthstone for…" This web page is dedicated to those inquiries.

Our fascination for gems most likely evolved alongside our need to adorn ourselves. Simple stone artifacts with holes drilled in them, have been found in prehistoric sites around the globe. These items have no apparent use ( although some may be replicas of then current tools ), other than to be worn when (presumably) hung from some sort of "string" .

Ancient humankind attributed powers & magical properties to almost anything, be it places, things, or beings. Gemstones, notwithstanding, have come down to us through antiquity steeped in folklore, mystery, and magic. All popular gems have varying powers ascribed to them. The basic concept is that the owner or wearer, would benefit from those powers. From these beliefs, it appears the tradition of birthstones has evolved.


The Silver Web Birthstone Guide


MONTH: Gemstone (mineral) Mohs scale # Gemstone; (mineral) Mohs scale#

APRIL: Diamond (diamond) 10

MAY: Emerald (beryl) 7.5-8

JUNE:  Alexandrite (chrysoberyl) 8.5 Moonstone (feldspar) 6-6.5, Pear l n/a

JULY: Ruby (corundum) 9

AUGUST: Peridot (olivine) 6-7 Sardonyx (chalcedony) 7

SEPTEMBER: Sapphire (corundum) 9 Bloodstone; (chalcedony) 7

OCTOBER: Opal (silicon oxide) 6.5-7.5

NOVEMBER: Topaz (aluminum silicate) 8

DECEMBER: Zircon (zirconium silicate) 6.5-7 Turquoise (hydrous copper alum. phost..) 6

JANUARY: Garnet (aluminum silicate) 6.5-7

FEBRUARY: Amethyst (quartz) 7

MARCH: Aquamarine (beryl) 7.5-8


Note: The Moh’s scale is a measure of hardness, utilized worldwide as the definitive scale for the hardness of a mineral. 10 is the hardest diamond is 10, 1 the softest talc is 1.


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The birthstone for the month of  



The Diamond is the hardest substance known on the planet, and as such, has the pre-eminent position of #10 on the Moh’s scale (Talc is a 1). The Moh’s scale is a worldwide guideline for the hardness of minerals.

Diamond comes from the Greek word "adamas", which means invincible. Globally, the diamond is one of the most widely esteemed gemstones. It is steeped in many tales of intrigue.

In ancient times, it was also believed to ward off nightmares, demons, & phantoms. A flawless diamond, if powdered & eaten, was thought to bestow health & longevity. A flawed stone however, would bring death.

Through the ages, diamonds have always represented wealth & prosperity. The powers associated with the diamond are; strength, endurance, courage, & the ability to focus energies. When worn with other stones, diamonds were believed to enhance their powers.

In modern times, the diamond is the stone most associated with the engagement of marriage, and as all lucky ladies born in April know, "...diamonds are a girl's best friend." 


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