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Care of your prong set jewelry is an important part of jewelry maintenance. Most stones, set in this manner, are of a higher value than those that aren't, and you want to do all you can to prevent them from becoming loose, and falling out.

The main thing you can do is to not subject the prong set pieces to activities that will expose the jewelry to unnecessary banging. This is primarily true for rings and bracelets. When possible remove them before doing heavy housework, or sports that involve your hands or wrists such as volleyball or softball.

Once a year (or more) it is a good idea to check for loose stones and prong wear. Even your well made, good jewelry, is subject to wear, and most likely will eventually need some attention.

You can do a preliminary test for loose stones, by holding them near your ear, and gently tapping them with a finger. If they feel like they have moved, or you hear a faint clicking sound, take them to a jeweler for further examination.

These simple hints should help you catch a problem before it gets to be a big problem.



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