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Fashion is a statement, a reflection of one's individuality and mood.

People have been wearing "body adornments" prior to clothing. Consequently, jewelry (regardless of it's construction), is a primal form of self expression.

As a designer, my goal for The Silver Web is to bring unique, quality jewelry to the discerning individual.

You will find the designs have an elegant simplicity, which span the many dictums of fashion.

While I have been the designer, producer, CEO, & clean-up crew, over the years, I've been privileged to work with many gifted individuals whose varied talents have helped  create The Silver Web.

Over the years, the workshop has been staffed by myself and several gifted individuals  including my daughter. I have personally trained everyone working at the "bench" in my studio. Upon occasion, when the situation dictates, I utilize professional outside assistance.

The exhibitions where my work is displayed and sold, are done with the help of Robert Marsh, who is himself a highly accomplished woodworker. Robert is also one of those special individuals who possess the intuition of an engineer. He conceived and constructed the beautiful display cases that we bring to the exhibits.

He has also been known to help out in The Silver Web work shop, when we're in a crunch.



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